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Query:SELECT DISTINCT * FROM Dubendb_Tables_and_Columns WHERE DUBTName like 'Dubbasic' ORDER BY DUBTCname
Number of rows found:48
Table name Column name Column description Selection Order by Condition
Dubbasic Ascrip Ascription
Dubbasic Bc Basso continuo
Dubbasic Brass Brass
Dubbasic Cap Capella (No/Yes)
Dubbasic Concoutms Manuscript concordance in another library
Dubbasic Date Copying date
Dubbasic Datepr Date of a printed concordance
Dubbasic Dateref Source for date
Dubbasic dnr Internal unique record no
Dubbasic Doubling Doubling of parts
Dubbasic DubNr Unique identity number
Dubbasic Edit_date Record last edit date
Dubbasic Feast Connection to liturgical use (original)
Dubbasic Format Paper size (format)
Dubbasic Full_title Full title
Dubbasic Genorig Original genre designantion
Dubbasic Handref Hand reference
Dubbasic Initial Record creator
Dubbasic Lang Language of the text
Dubbasic Lit Literature
Dubbasic Main_hand Main hand
Dubbasic Mitdav Mitjana & Davidsson catalogue no
Dubbasic Notation Score, parts or tabulature
Dubbasic Opt_part Optional parts
Dubbasic Pencil_no Pencil number
Dubbasic Rec_date Record creation date
Dubbasic Rip Ripieno (No/Yes)
Dubbasic Rism RISM signum printed works for concordances.
DUbbasic SComments Source comments
Dubbasic Scorecom Score comments
Dubbasic Scoring Scoring
Dubbasic Skbd Solo keyboard instrument
Dubbasic Strings Strings
Dubbasic TintenNr Dübens ink no as catalogued by Bruno Grusnick
Dubbasic TitleNr Distinguish multiple works with same composer with the same title.
Dubbasic Uub Uppsala Univ. catalogue no.
Dubbasic Vnr Volume number
Dubbasic Voices Voices
Dubbasic VolOrd Ordering within VolSig läggs in vid inlägg i Volsource, kan ej editeras i Dubbasic
Dubbasic VolPage Page no within VolSig (Skall tas bort)
Dubbasic Volpage1 First folio
Dubbasic Volpage2 v or r for first folio
Dubbasic Volpage3 Last folio
Dubbasic Volpage4 v or r for last folio
Dubbasic VolSig Uub signature of a discrete volume (Skall tas bort)
Dubbasic Winds Winds
Dubbasic WName Identity for the composer
Dubbasic WTitle Title (working title)