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Query:SELECT DISTINCT * FROM Dubendb_Tables_and_Columns WHERE DUBTName like 'Dubvol' ORDER BY DUBTCname
Number of rows found:20
Table name Column name Column description Selection Order by Condition
Dubvol comment Comments
Dubvol date11 Date
Dubvol date12 Date
Dubvol date21 Second date
Dubvol date22 Second date
Dubvol datesign1 Date sign
Dubvol datesign2 Date sign
Dubvol date_ref Date reference
Dubvol descr Description
Dubvol edit_date Latest edit date
Dubvol folio Total number of pages
Dubvol format Format
Dubvol gath_struc Gathering structure
Dubvol initials Record creator
Dubvol jndex Index
Dubvol rec_date Record created date
Dubvol size Size
Dubvol vnr Internal unique record no
Dubvol volume Volume signature
Dubvol vol_titl Volume title