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Query:SELECT DISTINCT * FROM Dubendb_Tables_and_Columns WHERE DUBTName like 'Dubworks' ORDER BY DUBTCname
Number of rows found:29
Table name Column name Column description Selection Order by Condition
Dubworks attr Attribution status
Dubworks attrib Attributor
Dubworks attr_info Info on attribution
Dubworks Cat Catalogue no
Dubworks ConcoutMS Manuscript concordance in another library
Dubworks DatePR Date of a printed concordance
Dubworks Edition Modern edition of the work
Dubworks edit_date Record last edit date
Dubworks Feast Connection to liturgical use (regularized)
Dubworks II Number of instruments
Dubworks Meter Meter
Dubworks Mitdav Mitjana & Davidsson catalogue no
Dubworks Mm Number of measures
Dubworks print_ref Printed reference
Dubworks Qey Key note of the piece
Dubworks Recording Recording no
Dubworks rec_date Record creation date
Dubworks ref_page Reference pages
Dubworks RISM RISM signum printed works for concordances.
Dubworks Structure Succecssion of movements or sections
Dubworks TitleNr Distinguish multiple works with same composer with the same title.
Dubworks Tnr Unique reference to text in Dubtexts
Dubworks VI Vocal or instrumental
Dubworks VV Number of voices
Dubworks WComment Comment on the work
Dubworks WName Identity for the composer
Dubworks Wnr Internal unique record no
Dubworks WorkNr internal unique work no
Dubworks WTitle Title (working title)