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The Düben Collection Database Catalogue in relation to its previous versions and to older catalogues of the Düben collection

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Volume information

Volume:imhs 408
Description:The cover is made from greyish-white varnished leather. The cut sides of the volume are sprayed/marbled with red and blue paint. Several pages in the volume are left blank. Several ink tests, most of them smudged, are found on the lower half of the page. Rear cover inside: Blank. Rear cover outside: Two indentations for leather straps and remains of leather are found. Cover spine: Blank. Fol.1r: "Gustavus Düben, / Holmensis / Anno 1641 / Lust Und liebe zum Dinge Macht alle Arbeit / geringe / C.C.Zengell: Schri[ps]it". The volume's three last works are written from the other side, i.e. starting from last folio and "up-side-down". The following pages are left blank: fol:1v-5r, 35v-36r, 38v-45r, 53v-61r, 63v-64r, 68v.
Sources in volume: 
Siefert:Pavane (f. 5v-7r)
Scheidemann:Galliard (f. 7v-10r)
Bull:Pavan (f. 10v-13r)
Bull:Galliard (f. 12v-14r)
Philips:Pavana Anglica (f. 14v-17r)
Philips:Pavana dolorosa (f. 17v-21r)
Philips:Galliarda dolorosa (f. 20v-22r)
Philips:Pavane "Pagget" (f. 22v-25r)
Philips:Galliard "Pagget" (f. 25v-27r)
Byrd:Pavan "Sir William Petre" (f. 27v-29r)
Byrd:Galliard "Sir William Petre" (f. 29v-31r)
Sweelinck:Pavana Hispanica [variations 1, 4, 6 and 7] (f. 30v-31r)
Scheidt:Pavana Hispanica [variations 2, 3, 5] (f. 30v-31r)
Schildt:Pavana lachrimae (f. 34v-35r)
Froberger:Toccata [XIV] (f. 36v-38r)
Scheidemann:Mio cor se vera sei salamandra (f. 45v-48r)
Scheidemann:Præambulum (f. 47v-50r)
Düben G:Nasce la pena mia (f. 49v-50r)
Froberger:Ricercare (f. 50v-53r)
Anonymous:Dixit Dominus (f. 61v-63r)
Frescobaldi:Canzona [prima] (f. 64v-67r)
Anonymous:Praeludium (f. 66v-68r)
Watermarks in volume: 
659Fleur-de-lisFleur-de-lis in crowned shield/4WR-The dates are found in the volume imhs 408.