Medieval chant for Swedish saints

© Ann-Marie Nilsson

Uppsala University, Sweden

Chants in the Nordic historia Felix orbis for St. Anne, mater BMV: variant tables

Complementary material to a forthcoming musicological edition of a liturgical versified office for St. Anne (AH 25:21),
presumably written around the year 1390 and ascribed to Nicolaus Hermanni (1325/6-1391), bishop of Linköping (1375-1391).
In Sweden, St Anne was celebrated on December 9. This historia was sung in the diocese of Linköping and elsewhere in medieval Sweden;
Analecta Hymnica gives it from the printed Breviary for Nidaros (1519).
Edition and complementary material was prepared by Ann-Marie Nilsson during a research project (2006-2008) ”Medieval chant for
Swedish saints”, financed by the Swedish Research Council.
Most of the melodies in this office are, like those in the Swedish historia for St. Ansgar, adapted from the office for St. Dominicus
and St. Peter the martyr (OP). See comparative table between melodies from these three offices on this site.

Remarks to variant tables contains general remarks on the notation in the sources and
the comparative tables as well as abbreviations.

Sources are listed in a separate file.

Remarks to variant tables




VA1 Felix orbis
VA2 Genitrici sue digne
VA3 Quam preclarum
VA4 Ager Anne
VA5 Mediante nobis Anna
VE Quam felici


MInv Mariam et Annam
MA1 Anne matrimonium
MA2 Florens sanctimonia
MA3 Anna plorat
R1 Iuste vivens
R2 Civis missus est supernus
R3 O Maria maris stella
MA4 Felix Anna
MA5 Quam sit cara
MA6 Anna prudens
R4 Hoc honestum
R5 Nubentes iuste tenent fidem
R6 Apud celi cives
MA7 Ante deum
MA8 Offert foris
MA9 Dei ducit ad honores
R7 Omnes noscens
R8 Illos deus
R9 O laus grandis


LA1 Anna virens radix Jesse
LA2 Annam nupte reverenter
LA3 Anne preces
LA4 Annam clerus veneretur
LA5 Anna maria
LE Nobis erat hoc necesse

Second Vespers

WE Mundi carnis