Medieval chant for Swedish saints

© Ann-Marie Nilsson

Uppsala University, Sweden

Chants in the Nordic historia Ludovicus imperator for St. Ansgar, “apostle of
the North”: variant tables

Complementary material to a forthcoming musicological edition of a liturgical versified office for St. Ansgar (AH 25:31),
presumably written around 1390 and ascribed to Nicolaus Hermanni (1325/6-1391), bishop of Linköping (1375–1391).
In Sweden, St Ansgar was celebrated on February 4. His historia was sung in the diocese of Linköping and elsewhere in medieval Sweden;
Analecta Hymnica gives it from the printed Breviary for Uppsala (1496), omitting the three prose responsories (R7–R9).
Edition and complementary material was prepared by Ann-Marie Nilsson during a research project (2006-2008) ”Medieval chant for
Swedish saints”, financed by the Swedish Research Council.
Parts of the melodies for the chants in this office are preserved in a number of fragments. Most of them are, like those in the
Swedish historia for St. Anne, adapted from the office for St. Dominicus and St. Peter the martyr (OP). As a rule,
they agree with the corresponding chant melodies for St. Anne.(See comparative table between melodies from these three offices on this site.)

Remarks to variant tables contains general remarks on the notation in the sources and
the comparative tables as well as abbreviations.

Sources are listed in a separate file.

Remarks to variant tables




VE Ludovicus imperator
Hymn melody (Vespers and Lauds)


MInv Summo regi supernorum
MA1 In etate iuventutis
MA2 Factus frater
MA3 Primo danis
R1 Ludovico preces/Doctor
R2 Profert verbum/Prevenisti
R3 Tribulatus/Deduxisti
MA4 Pro paganis
MA5 Monstrat sursum
MA6 Stans in bircha
R4 Prefectus regis/Domum suam
R5 Benigne bircham/Verbis factis
R6 Hunc simonem/Vitam duxit
MA7 Danis in sleswik
MA8 Illic diversi
MA9 Hinc sanctus
R7 In excelso/De ventre
R8 Posuit os/Ansgari servus
R9 Ansgari dedi te/Ego elegi


LA1 Missam sibi propheticam
LA2 Ad sueones iterato
LA3 Tam etate quam labore
LA4 Tandem pellis
LA5 Ad augendam fidema
LE Languidorum multitudo

Second Vespers

WE [In extreme terre sita]: notation lost.