Medieval chant for Swedish saints

© Ann-Marie Nilsson

Uppsala University, Sweden

Fifteen chants de spina corone: variant tables

The liturgical office de spina corone is supposed to have been written around the year
1300. The variant tables of chant melodies contain melodies transmitted in three
preserved sources, two in Sweden and one in Denmark, containing some of the
responsories and antiphons for Matins and the Psalm antiphons for Lauds and
fragments of the Benedictus antiphon. In a few cases comparative melodies from the
office for St. Eskil are included. They might be models (or vice versa) or just modally

Edition and complementary material was prepared by Ann-Marie Nilsson during a
research project (2006-2008) ”Medieval chant for Swedish saints”, financed by the
Swedish Research Council.


Stockholm, Riksarkivet (The National Archives):

Fragment MPO 7701 S. 15. Pärmfyllnader i 1:3:1 Räntekammarbok 1533. – R4-LA3.

Ant 124, Fragment nr. 20316 S. 15:2 (or earlier?) in Krigsarkivet (the Military
Archives). Militieräkenskaper, Register över Västgöta ryttares hemman och
hemmansräntor 1597 [earlier "MR 1597:40", now MR 1597:15]. – (R9), LA1-5, LH
inc., LE.

Copenhagen, Rigsarkivet (The National Archives):

Minute fragments (from BR:30) nr 484–485 r/v and 3158–3159 r/v, S. 13:2(?).
Uppbörder från Halmstad och Laholm 1618–1624. – VH, (R3)V (a few notes from R1
that are not included here).

Remarks to variant tables contains general remarks on the notation in the sources and
the comparative tables as well as abbreviations.

Remarks to variant tables


R1 [Salve salus patrie/] Laudantes hodie

R4 Dum christus/In serto spine
R5 In figuris pluribus/ Pravorum manibus
R6 Populus perfidie/ Vincens in facie
MA7 Celestis militie
MA8 Spina christum graviter
MA9 Felix est conditio
R7 Spina summum vulnerat/ Hostem
R8 Sertum regum aureum/Regnum tartareum
R9 Flos de celis/ Ad celos


LA1 Christus spine nescius
LA2 Caput ledit punctio
LA3 Vide sion filia
LA4 Sertum contumelie
LA5 Pro serti virtutibus
LE Sertum contumelie [fragmentary]

Hymn Laudemus regem glorie [fragmentary]