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UUB:imhs 004:008
Composer:Kirchhoff,Andreas,fl. 1670
Title:sonata a 4
Full title:Sonata a 4/ 1 Violino 2 Viola Brazzo/ Cùm Basso Continùo./ Andreas Kirchoff/ Anno 1664.
Scoring:vl 2vb vlne bc
Tinten No:0
Main hand:H471
Original genre:sonata

Number of parts found:6

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Part NoPart
01Violino [ex1]Show part information Browse part
02Violino [ex2]Show part information Browse part
03Viola Brazza. [1]Show part information Browse part
04Viola Brazzo. [2]Show part information Browse part
05[bc] [ex1]Show part information Browse part
06[bc] [ex2]Show part information Browse part

Number of volumes found:0