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The Düben Collection Database Catalogue in relation to its previous versions and to older catalogues of the Düben collection

Maria Schildt: Printed Music in the Düben Collection

Maria Schildt: MSS concordances in prints

The Düben Collection Database Catalogue - Integration Version

Edited by Lars Berglund, Kia Hedell, Erik Kjellberg, Maria Schildt and Kerala J. Snyder

The Düben Collection Database Catalogue is a digitised catalogue presenting meta-data and scanned facsimile of the manuscripts in the Düben collection, a large and important collection of musical manuscripts and prints from the 17th and early 18th centuries. The Catalogue is managed from the Department of Musicology at Uppsala University.

We are currently step by step revising this website, in an effort to make it more user-friendly.
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For requests regarding physical copies from manuscripts or prints (high resolution pictures, xerox or microfilm), and for any questions concerning permissions, publication etc., please contact Uppsala University Library: fraga.biblioteket@ub.uu.se

The Düben Collection Database Catalogue is a dynamic and open-ended resource. It will be continuously updated with new data, representing the state of the art of relevant research.

For any questions and suggestions regarding the Düben Collection Database Catalogue, please contact the Düben Project: duben@musik.uu.se