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Volume information

Volume:vmhs 084:042-056
Gathering structure:/ + <7> + <3> + /
Index:[fol. 1r] Stella nova in fest trium Regem c. 2. v./ O Admirabile Commercium C. ? B. 2 Viol/ Resonet in laudibus C.C.B. 2 Viol/ Orietur Sicut sol C.B. 2 Viol/ Resurrexi et adhuc Tecum. C. doi Violin ? Viola/ Surrexit Pastor bonus C.B. e 2 Violin/ Festiva l?ta dies C.C.B. 2 Violin/ O Jucunda dies C.C.B. Violin/ H?c est dies quam fecit C.C.B. 2 Violin/ L?temur in Christo. C. 2 violin e violdaga[m]b/ O Jesu mi dulcissime C.C.A 5 viol Pera[n]d/ Se univit Deus C.C.B. 2 Viol/ Altitudo quid hic jaces C.C.B. 2 Viol./ Verbum caro factu[m] est C.C. 2 Violin/ Alleluia Virgo Deum Genuit C.C.B. 2 Viol/ Pastores dicite C.C.T.B. 2 Violin [fol 2r] O Admirabile Comercium C. e B. 2 Viol/ Resonet in laudibus C.C.B. 2 Violin/ Orietur Sicut sol C. e B. 2 Violin/ Resurrexi et adhuc Tecum C. 2 Viol e Violdaga[m]ba/ Surrexit Pastor bonus C.B. 2 Viol./ F?stiva l?ta dies C.C.B. 2 Viol/ O Jucunda Dies. C.C.B. 2 Violin/ H?c est dies C.C.B. 2 Viol./ O Jesu mi dulcissime C.C.A 5 viol Peranda/ H»mnus Natalitias. Se univit Deus C.C.B 2 Viol./ Altitudo quid hic Jaces C.C.B. 2 Viol./ Verbum Caro factum est C.C. 2 Viol/ Alleluia Virgo Deum Genuit C.C.B. 2 Viol: e viola/ Pastores Dicite C.C.T.B. 2 Violini
Description:Two index, one on fol. 1r, one incomplete on fol. 2r. The spine of the issue and a ca. 7 cm broad stripe on both the first and the last page, next to the spine, are painted with red colour. Fol. 1 is damaged on its lower edge and mended. Gathering: Seems to have been <8> + <4> once; between fol. 15 and 16 two sheets have been cut out right beneath the 2:o fold. The two folios that have been cut out are the opposite parts of the cover sheets. The layers are bound together with a thread. All tabulatures written by GD's hand, as well as title and index. Folio numbers in the lower right corner on the recto side added later by a librarian with red ink; additional folio numbers in the upper right corner on the recto side with lead-pencil. Fol. 1v as well as 15v-16r and 20v-22r contain nothing or only horizontal lines.
Date ref:Grusnick 1966: 155-156; Rudén 1968: 175
Comments:Date: Rudén's dates (1680-1684) refer to the second layer only, which is written on a different paper; even Grusnick suggests that these pieces might have been added to the volume later than the rest (see Grusnick 1966: 156). Cover and index have been made after the compilation. The last piece on the first layer (Geist's "Pastores dicite") is incomplete (fol. 14v-15r).
Sources in volume: 
Geist:O admirabile commercium (f. 2v-3r)
Hipp:Stella nova promicat coeli (f. 2v-3r)
Geist:Resonet in laudibus (f. 3v-5r)
Geist:Orietur sicut sol salvator mundi (f. 4v-6r)
Geist:Resurrexi et adhuc tecum sum (f. 5v-7r)
Geist:Surrexit pastor bonus (f. 6v-7r)
Geist:Faestiva laeta canticis festa (f. 7v-9r)
Geist:O jucunda dies (f. 8v-10r)
Geist:Haec est dies (f. 9v-10r)
Geist:Laetemur in Christo redemptore (f. 9v-11r)
Peranda:O Jesu mi dulcissime (f. 10v-12r)
Geist:Verbum caro factum est (f. 12v-13r)
Geist:Alleluia. Virgo Deum genuit (f. 13v-15r)
Geist:Pastores dicite (f. 14v-15r)
Geist:Se univit Deus (f. 16v-18r)
Geist:Altitudo quid hic jaces (f. 17v-20r)
Watermarks in volume: 
7FoolscapNarr/7 - PVL typ 03Rudén 1968: 174PVL
647Amsterdam's coat of armsAmst/FC - IFDRudén 1968 app.I: 33IFD
765Amsterdam's coat of armsAmst/IPI-The letters "IPI" are found above the shield, underneath the crown.