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Volume information

Volume:vmhs 050:012
Gathering structure:{10}
Description:The layers are bound together with a thread. Bound in blue paper. Title page on fol. 1r; fol. 20v is empty.
Date ref:tp
Comments:Written by Buxtehude (autograph), see Grusnick 1966: 186.
Sources in volume: 
Buxtehude:Ad pedes. Ecce super montes (f. 1v-4r)
Buxtehude:Ad genua. Ad ubera portabimini (f. 3v-6r)
Buxtehude:Ad manus. Quid sunt plagae istae (f. 5v-8r)
Buxtehude:Ad latus. Surge amica mea (f. 8v-11r)
Buxtehude:Ad pectus. Sicut modo geniti infantes (f. 10v-13r)
Buxtehude:Ad cor. Vulnerasti cor meum (f. 13v-16r)
Buxtehude:Ad faciem. Illustra faciem tuam (f. 16v-20r)
Watermarks in volume: 
314Amsterdam's coat of armsAmst - PD
662LionLion in shield with three towers on top = Lindberg 242Lindberg 1998: A167-From the paper mill in Freiberg in Saxony; "PMA Lindnersche Erben (1676-1710)" (Lindberg 1998: A167)