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Volume information

Volume:vmhs 082:035
Gathering structure:<13> + 2/
Description:No title, no original index. The layers are bound together with a thread. Two single sheets of paper are inserted between fol. 5 and fol. 8, one in 2:o format (204x319)containing a bc part to Peranda's "O Ardor o flamma", one smaller (187x74mm) containing a little instrumental prelude to the same piece, notated in tab score.
Date ref:fol. 15r, 18r, 28r
Comments:Dates are given on fol. 15r: "1684. den 23 Jul»", on fol. 18r: "1684:/ 14 Aug:" and on fol. 28r: "1685/ 1 December."
Sources in volume: 
Buxtehude:Drei schöne Dinge (f. 1r-4r)
Krieger JP:Der Herr ist mein Licht (f. 3v-8r)
Peranda:O ardor o flamma (f. 5v-10r)
Buxtehude:O lux beata trinitas (f. 9v-13r)
Buxtehude:Je höher du bist (f. 12v-15r)
Pohle:Amo te Deus meus amore magno (f. 15v-18r)
Buxtehude:Wie soll ich dich empfangen (f. 17v-19r)
Buxtehude:Dein edles Herz (f. 19v-22r)
Buxtehude:Salve Jesu patris grate (f. 21v-25r)
Buxtehude:Herr auf dich traue ich (f. 24v-27r)
Buxtehude:Fürchtet euch nicht (f. 26v-28r)
Watermarks in volume: 
61Amsterdam's coat of armsAmst - PVLPVLPVL = Pieter van der Ley. Cf. N. Lindberg 1998:A 10, A 154
473CDG [countermark]CDG
555Fleur-de-lisFleur-de-lis in crowned shield/4WR - Cross/IHSCross/IHS