How to Cite UUPart

Citations of The Uppsala Partimento Database UUPart should be made in the same style as for printed books in a series. It should include the URL, followed by the date of access. We provide the following as a model:

Peter van Tour. UUPart, The Uppsala Partimento Database. Compiled and edited by Peter van Tour. Launched 2015, Uppsala.; accessed 9 May 2015.


Several scholars of musicology have contributed to The Uppsala Partimento Database UUPart.
I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to Hans Aerts, Nicholas Baragwanath, Eleonora Betti, Dirk Börner, Lydia Carlisi, Riccardo Castagnetti, Benedetto Cipriani, Ozorio Christovam, Kaled Dabboussi, Hanns-Bertold Dietz, Robert Gjerdingen, Nicoleta Paraschivescu, Marco Pollaci, Claire Roberts, Maxim Serebrennikov, Gaetano Stella, Mário Marques Trilha, and Stefano Quaresima. I would like to direct special thanks to Giorgio Sanguinetti (Rome) for the most generous way he has contributed to the UUPart database.