How to Cite UUPart

Citations of The Uppsala Partimento Database UUPart should be made in the same style as for printed books in a series. It should include the URL, followed by the date of access. We provide the following as a model:

Peter van Tour. UUPart, The Uppsala Partimento Database. Compiled and edited by Peter van Tour. Launched 2015, Uppsala.; accessed 9 May 2015.


Several scholars of musicology have contributed to The Uppsala Partimento Database UUPart.
I wish to express my sincerest gratitude to Nicholas Baragwanath, Eleonora Betti, Dirk Börner, Lydia Carlisi, Riccardo Castagnetti, Benedetto Cipriani, Ozorio Christovam, Hanns-Bertold Dietz, Robert Gjerdingen, Matteo Messori, Nicoleta Paraschivescu, Marco Pollaci, Claire Roberts, Maxim Serebrennikov, Gaetano Stella, Mário Marques Trilha, and Stefano Quaresima. I would like to direct special thanks to Giorgio Sanguinetti (Rome) for the most generous way he has contributed to the UUPart database.

In addition to this, the UUPart Database Project has received generous support from the Library of the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in Milano, for which we would like to express our sincerest thanks.